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I have a range of skills which can help. I am an accredited coach with over a decade of experience producing visual and performing arts projects and I can provide services from both practices and often combine them to suit my clients' needs.

Hi there, I'm Steve

Coach, mentor and consultant for Creative Professionals.


Coaching is a powerful developmental process. It can help you overcome problems and make the most of opportunities. I have over 250 hours experience coaching people in 1-2-1 and group settings. 


I have produced a range of contemporary performance and arts events for venues, organisations and independently with artists. I have a range of specialisms from fundraising, development and consultancy, to project management and delivery.

Others I've Worked With

"Steve's ability to find the right questions to ask in his coaching sessions has enabled me to frame how I live and work in totally new ways! I really recommend seeing if Steve is a good 'match' for you."


Becky Grove

“You are an amazing facilitator and I gain a lot from watching you work and hearing how you (gently) steer us - thank you”


Susanna Fairbairn

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Coaching and Producing for Creative Professionals

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