At essence, coaching is two things: listening and questioning.

As a coach, I will listen to you speak, and ask questions that enable new thinking.

You may want to set goals and actions, and use my coaching to be held accountable to them. Or you may prefer to just allow new thinking to percolate, with an understanding that the inspiration to act will follow.

Coaching Fees

My coaching fees are £50 per hour or £250 for 6 hours

If you'd like to proceed, it's best to have a chat to make sure we'll work well together.

You can book a free half hour consultation call with me below.

Coaching FAQ'S

What is the difference between coaching and mentoring?

Mentoring is about giving advice and information based on experience. Coaching enables you to come up with your own answers, under the belief that finding your own journey is more likely to lead to you sticking with it. Coaches can give advice and information, but sparingly and always with permission first. I can also offer mentoring in any of my specialisms – drop me a line to discuss more.

What is the difference between coaching and counselling?

Counselling is an open-ended medical process which looks at past trauma to identify the roots of present issues. Coaching is time-limited, future focussed, does not centre on the past or trauma, and can be very specific to areas of professional or personal development. Although coaching can be ‘therapeutic’ in a broad sense, and there are crossovers in some areas of the practices, I am not a medical professional and it is an important distinction to make.

Coaching can be an emotionally difficult and triggering process, however professionally specific we make it. We will discuss this in our initial consultation.

How much time does coaching take?

I recommend coaching sessions to be 1 hour in length, and booked in arcs of 6 sessions. Having a finish line in view is very useful for making progress. Once you have completed your sessions we will review your progress and decide how to continue.

However, I’m flexible. You can book single sessions, and we can arrange shorter or longer sessions to suit.

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