I have a range of skills to help you develop ideas and deliver projects. I can be involved throughout a project from concept to delivery, or be a part of the process in various useful ways. My background is in performance and visual arts, for which I have raised over a quarter of a million pounds in public funding, and I have experience of working with a wide array of stakeholders from different industries.

My services include:

Project Development and Planning

Growing the seed of an idea into a

fully-fledged project.

Creative Production Services

Dramaturgy and feedback- being an outside eye or a critical friend.

Fundraising & Grant Writing

I'm a fundraising specialist. I can write, edit or consult on your grant bid, and help you make strategic and lucrative fundraising decisions.

Access Support Grant Writing

If you are disabled, neurodivergent or have a chronic illness, Arts Council England can pay me to write your application with you.

Audience Development

Marketing and PR planning - getting people to experience your work.

Evaluation & Report Writing

Measuring the impact of your activity is key to future success. I can help you embed evaluation into your work seamlessly.

Producing Fees

Start at £250pd

My producing fee depends on project length, complexity of work, 

available budget and other variables.


I'll give you a quote based on our initial consultation which you can book below.

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