I have a range of skills to help you develop ideas and deliver projects. I can be involved throughout a project from concept to delivery, or be part of the process in various useful ways. My background is in performance and visual arts, for which I have raised nearly a quarter of a million pounds in public funding, and I have experience of working with a wide array of stakeholders from different industries.

My services include:

Project Development and Planning

Growing an idea into a project.

Creative Production Services

Dramaturgy and feedback- being an outside eye or a critical friend.

Fundraising & Grant Writing

Helping disabled and neurodiverse people get funding and make work.

Disability Support Work

Helping disabled and neurodiverse people secure funding and make work.

Audience Development

Marketing and PR planning - getting people to experience your work.

Evaluation & Report Writing

Learning from the process and sharing that knowledge.

Producing Fees

My producing fees vary, depending on project length, complexity of work, available budget and other variables. 

I'll give you a quote based on our initial consultation which you can book below.

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